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I received the following as a comment to the following post:


I am a Catholic and a pro-lifer but from my point of view, as someone who is also living with Cystic Fibrosis, I found this article to be downright offensive. Although I’m sure it was not your intention, you belittled the severity of CF and the struggles that we CFers go through every day. Just because some author said that a happy childhood isn’t worthwhile, neither makes his opinion true, nor gives anyone with CF any consolation whatsoever. It’s true that one must take bad experiences with the good; but, childhood is a time of innocence. It should be mostly carefree, happy, and fun.

In this article, you focused exclusively on children afflicted with CF and made no mention of the adults afflicted with the disease. I think that was a gross oversight on your part. You asserted that children are more resilient to sickness and death than adults, so don’t you think you should focus on the less resilient people?

In your article you spoke of “a person who I have known who has cystic fibrosis and to see the beautiful effect that she has had upon her friends, her occupation and her children and family…” You made no mention of her quality of life. Instead, you spoke of her as if she’s merely the means to some end of making the world a more beautiful place.

I hope one day to have children. But I refuse to allow any children of mine to suffer the way I have. I believe it’s a parent’s first responsibility to ensure their children have the highest possible quality of life. Having battled the disease for years, I firmly believe that knowingly taking the risk of having children with CF is negligent and irresponsible. You don’t know what it’s like to walk a mile in the shoes of someone with CF.

If you had done proper research for this article, you would know that it is possible to perform a type of genetic pre-screening without aborting any fetuses. The method to which I am referring is called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PIGD). It can be performed on either a fertilized or an unfertilized egg.

For the pro-lifers out there, the option of choice is going to be using PIGD on an unfertilized egg. In this way, you can ascertain the traits that would be passed down by the mother. This is sufficient in preventing CF since CF is a recessive trait. If the egg passes the test, it can then be fertilized. No embryos are discarded. No fetuses are aborted.


My response: 

I did not belittle the life a person with cystic fibrosis lives or the severity of their symptoms. My point was that a childhood alive is preferable to a childhood that is destroyed with abortion. Death is never preferable to life.  I can't offer consolation to a person with cystic fibrosis, but I can tell them their lives are greatly valued and are of far more value than you place on your own life and others who suffer with cystic fibrosis. Childhood is a time of innocence and having a childhood illness, terminal or not, is not an indication of some lack of innocence or, as abortion proponents would have you believe, an indication of guilt, worthy of a death sentence in an abortion clinic. I by no means see a person with cystic fibrosis as a means to an end. Life is a fundamental good. Destroying life is an objective evil. When I say that a person I know has a beautiful effect on the people they know and in her occupation and family and children, a quality of life is implied that is supremely good as compared with the alternative, death. Four healthy happy beautiful children later, my friend would disagree with you that she was either negligent or irresponsible in bringing those children into the world. Her children are the fruit of love and a life that is loved, receives love and gives love. As an informed pro-life Catholic myself, I would be remiss to inform you that forms of artificial conception are expressly forbidden by Catholic teaching and contrary to moral norms as is the kind of eugenics that you are proposing.  Whether or not unborn children (these embryos as you call them), are destroyed or not, artificially conceiving any unborn children in a medical laboratory, outside of the marital act, is an abomination before the Lord and an affront to the sacramental bond of marriage. Children are meant to be conceived in love, and and not created with a sense of entitlement without regard to our humanity. A parent's first responsibility is their sacramental bond of love with their spouse before God which finds its greatest expression in the love of children who are created through the natural gifts of human procreation.

Brian F Hudon      

Monday, August 26, 2013


It's a given that the Catholic Church is in decline in the United States of America. The priesthood is aging, the average age of those who attend mass on a regular basis is rapidly increasing and there are nearly none to replace the members of either group. The Church in America is dying and no one will be left the remember it. How did this happen? You might think you know, or perhaps you think you don't, but the answers are more painfully obvious than anyone would believe and in many cases, will be more than unpopular. 

A mess has been created in the Catholic Church in America. Note than I said the Catholic Church in America, not the Catholic Church of America or the American Catholic Church as there are no such things as those. But therein lies the problem. Catholics who are American have for too long attempted to put their trademark upon the Catholic Church in America, not realizing the Catholic Church is not only a foreign presence in the United States, but a foreign presence in the world. We here are exiles in the world.  

Let us be clear, the Catholic Church is the one true visible presence of Jesus Christ's authority on earth. The Bible comes from the Catholic Church, Catholic meaning universal only, the one true Church founded by Christ. We do not believe in Jesus because of the Bible. We trust in the veracity of the Bible because of the authority of the Church. The Catholic Church, and the Church alone, through the authority of the Apostles of Christ's Church on earth decided what was in the Bible. We used to believe and profess this.

Unfortunately, we have now come to profess, as the lapsed Catholics we have become, that Catholicism is a faith rather than the faith. In a true syncretic style, many believe all religions now, are more or less the same. Many foolishly and falsely believe we all worship the same God, if only differently. While even popes warn of the danger of "New Age" there is nothing more "new age" than radical ecumenism, if in fact there is ever any ecumenism that is not radical, or rather a type of veiled shame of being Catholic. 

And so, we might have our children baptized, and as often have them receive first communion, and now seldom see them confirmed. Parents if they even attend mass from week to week and often don't, do not require their children to attend weekly mass as God requires them to. We allow our children to marry non-Catholics and often marry outside the Catholic faith, even while they continue to receive communion while never attending confession. And we think this all kosher because they are good people. 

The marines may be looking for a few good men, but God is looking for valid Catholics, in all human persons, who live their lives in the sacraments of Holy Mother Church. Christ is right when he says the road to the kingdom of heaven is narrow and few there are who will find it. Very few we might fear. Should we believe otherwise is to call Jesus Christ a liar. But we often do that anyhow, even while desecrating and profaning the very sacraments we choose not to believe while making empty public professions. 

The Creed of the Church is what we believe. It is not what what we wish for. It is not a menu. When we say "I believe" we must mean "I believe" even if we do not understand. All else that is contrary to this makes us enemies of the son of the living God, his Father in heaven and the Holy Spirit. God needs our opinions and personal beliefs no more than the earth requires our opinions of gravity when we trip and fall violently to the ground. The Creed is the physics of Catholic thinking and is not subject to opinion polls.

Among the worst forms of offense against God and the Church are in matters of sexual morality. The first directive of God in all of human history was to be fruitful. We are not however fruitful. Far from it, we are quite barren, a situation that has led directly to the current crisis in the Church. We as a Catholic people are largely producing chaff, the very chaff that the threshers will burn in unquenchable fire. Man commits few offenses so grave as impurity and contraception which produce no heirs for the Gospel.

The Church with regularity prays for vocations as it should, but it does not ask why the garden of Catholic living does not produce bountiful harvests. Why are the fields dry and the produce so little? Why? Illegitimate births, birth control, pre-marital sex, abortion, divorce and perhaps the thing most deadly to the Church, the loveless marriage that finds no conjugal unity and procreative love in marriage which finds strength and nourishment in the sacraments of the Church.  And what of this? Marriage dies without God. 

A Church without sons is a Church without priests. A Church without sons is a Church without priests and a Church without sacraments. Before all things Jesus Christ, the second person of the Blessed Trinity, was a son. A Church without sons, dies. He was a son before all things in his last words, made his most faithful disciple at the Cross a son of his own mother, Mary and made her a mother again. Be fruitful God says to the first man and woman and we have not been and the Church thus withers gravely. 

I had the opportunity to deliver a much abbreviated version of these concerns to the Bishop of my own diocese this past July. A Church without sons, a Church without family, has no future I told him and a room of some 70 people. Now that has come to fruition as we have been formally informed to expect changes in the Church. The fear is a logical and likely one and inevitable. There are going to be fewer priests and as a result, fewer masses. The end result will be unmistakable, even less mass attendance. 

The template here is clear. The destruction of the Catholic family leads to the destruction of the Catholic Church. Like water in the hot sun the faithful will gather into ever fewer and smaller pools to face the world alone under the brutal hot sun of faithlessness, relativism, ecumenism, and sterility. Some, lukewarm, may be soaked up by the protestant residual, but many will simply resume life without God. Hardcore faith rooted in the Tradition and sacraments of the Church will become ever more the exception, than the rule.

Consider the attacks of the world upon faith, public mockery of Catholicism, false claims of science and reason, the propaganda of the culture of death including forms of artificial forms of conception, euthanasia, radical feminism, the homosexual movement, alternate forms of so-called marriage, pornography and near legal and state sanctioned forms of religious discrimination against Catholics by a rogue American state and the road to the kingdom of heaven becomes all the more narrow and difficult to navigate.  

I am not proposing solutions. I am not making wild unsubstantiated suppositions. I am simply telling you the time of the day. 50 years of post-Vatican II dissolution of the Liturgy and sacramental life, of rampant birth control, cohabitation, divorce, abortion and timid ecumenism have eviscerated the Catholic faith. Lump on top of this weak and absent catechesis, rote and thoughtless reception of our Lord in Eucharistic communion without repentance in the sacrament of confession and you have a recipe for spiritual disaster.                   

Sunday, August 4, 2013


~I believe in human freedom that is conformed to the Will and Word of God, Creator of man and the natural order and man's role as steward of His Creation.

~I believe in the right of man to live freely in his faith in God and to express his faith, worship and exercise of conscience freely without fear of intimidation by government. 

~I believe in representative forms of government where elected public servants are chosen in free conscience through fair elections for the welfare of the republic.

~I believe in the right of man to work and keep his income and means without undue burden of unreasonable  and punitive taxation or fear of redistribution of the same.

-I believe in a society where man provides for himself and his own through work and not through the subsistent accumulation of institutionalized entitlements.
~I believe in the right of men to choose the courses of their own lives without fear of coercion, intimidation  or direction from governments federal, state or local.

~I believe in minimal unintrusive and unobstructive government which at every turn can best provide the needs of people and society at the most local levels.

~I believe in the right of states to defend their persons, interests and borders from illegal criminal activity, domestic and foreign, without federal interference.

~I believe in the right of man to work by his natural talents and initiative whence he may each succeed or fail freely according according to his unique circumstances. 

~I believe in law and order which dispenses reasonable swift justice while providing civil protection for the innocent and law abiding without breach of freedom or privacy.

~I believe in the right of man to reasonably and unequivocally protect his own person, property or loved ones without fear of civil or legal retribution or intimidation.

~I believe in the right of free men to bear arms for all law abiding purposes including but not limited to recreation or self defense and the common welfare.

~I believe in a society of life which protects all human life regardless of health, abilities, state of function or development and holds accountable those who destroy or threaten such life.

~I believe in marriage between one man and one woman only, for the protection and promotion of human life, family and future generations and the common good. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It doesn't take long to be reminded that the homosexual lobby will do anything to drive their message down the throats of the public. The following is a PBS interview the Daniel Helminiak. Helminiak is a former Catholic priest of 28 years and is now an advocate for the pro-homosexual lobby. Within this piece of propaganda Helminiak claims that every translation of the Bible is incorrect regarding homosexuality. Every translation? He even states: "We are at a point in history where it should be considered outrageous for an educated person to quote the Bible to condemn homosexuality." This runs consistent with what people as have said about quoting the Bible in the national discussion about gay marriage and homosexual rights, which is essentially that the message contained with the Bible has nothing to say about anything substantive. More than this, it's a categorical rejection of western civilization of the whole and plea for the public embrace of sexual deviance and perversity.

The homosexual lobby would have people believe gay rights are human rights, that we are in fact talking about human freedom and if human freedom, what kind of human freedom? Freedom that releases man from bondage, hunger and economic burdens? Or is freedom that of a man to be a person of conscience in keeping with the divine and natural law? The freedom offered by human sin represents the complete lack of responsibility for oneself or others. Sin is the freedom of spiritual death and the belief that the satisfaction of human desire must be quenched at the expense of all other considerations. Authentic freedom, freedom from sin, freedom in Christ, requires work and faith. It is a burden of both physical and emotional taxation which can only be carried under the yoke of Christ and for which only the food of Christ can strengthen us and the confessional can prepare us. Homosexuality rights are no more civil right than NAMBLA is a child protection agency. 

Helminiak states: It got to a point where I was not able to represent what I was supposed to be. I wasn't living what I was supposed to be living. It doesn't matter to me that lots of the other priests weren't either. . . . I was attempting to be an authentic person. I only preached about what I could believe in. I began to realize that my mind was much more of an academician and a teacher than a pastor, and . . . I should be on a campus somewhere, where you're free to express ideas and push the edge. I wasn't doing much pastoral ministry. The little bit I was doing was highly successful, I think, because I was so far on the edge. The further out I went, the more relevant I became.

Helminiak also attempts to make the case, as many homosexuals do, that homosexuality is a thing, a substance of a kind, which one must be and which inhabits the person like a residing spirit of truth. Homosexuality is not merely a state of personal sexual preference, but rather something to be proclaimed, like an anti-Gospel, to all men and woman everywhere, to the ends of the earth. Daniel Helminiak can't re-write the natural law however any more than he can re-write Sacred Scripture. Helminiak proclaims a great lie to the world. If Saint Faustina was the secretary of Jesus Christ for the message of Jesus' Divine Mercy, Helminiak would seem rather to be Jesus' critic in the morning paper, writing to the collective editorial page of world opinion. He wants his cake and to eat it however, trying to wedge doctrinal approval into the beliefs of erring Catholics while still implying that he is a "Catholic" of a kind. What Helminiak is, is a fallen away Catholic priest, a public apostate and a heretic.

Notice what Helminiak said: "I wasn't doing much pastoral ministry. The little bit I was doing was highly successful, I think, because I was so far on the edge. The further out I went, the more relevant I became." "The more relevant "I" became!" he says. Not Christ. Himself! He's demonstrating he had no fundamental idea of what his mission as a Catholic priest is, assuming he ever had a true calling.

What follows is the most disturbing element of Helminiak's testimony as he describes his personal descent into sin and moral destruction. 

Most disturbingly Helminiak writes: I can remember the first time I deliberately went and had sex with someone. It was somebody I had known, who had approached me . . . and I was being sympathetic because he's telling me he's gay. I remember going to the telephone, picking it up, and saying, "If ever there was a deliberate act of the will with full knowledge," (and that's what constitutes mortal sin), "this is doing it." I dialed the phone number. I said to myself, "I've talked about it and prayed about it and read about it and studied about it. How am I ever going to figure this out if I don't do something with it?" There came the point where the moral thing to do was to find out in a responsible way what sex is about. . . . I did not think that was wrong. In fact, I thought God was happy that finally I got off my duff and did something. God said, "Yay! Finally you're growing up! You're starting to live." Then I start to deal with being gay and coming out, getting to know what the gay scene is, and rethinking. People find that hard to believe. . . . I'm ordained, and a priest, and all of a sudden I'm finding out who I am. Well, it happens.

Helminiak still has the capacity to know right from wrong and yet he has become a slave to the glamour of sin and the passions of the flesh. He's not living. He is in fact, dying. He doesn't even believe that mortal sin is wrong, even after he describes what the conditions for such an act are. It is painfully disturbing and the act of a person who has lost control of their life and risks the fires of hell which consume body and soul for eternity. That language may seem biblical, dramatic even, but in a world that constantly questions why so much evil exists, it is puzzling that man is no longer inclined to inquire towards what ends evil works in the lives of men. What we are left with is a sheep who has left the fold, who has followed the pied piper of homosexuality into the rocks and brambles and proclaims sin as his right and calls God a liar. That's hardly an unwarranted accusation perhaps for a man whose claim to fame is the libelous accusation that our understanding of Sacred Scripture is wrong. 

Monday, April 1, 2013


What is as bad or worse in our society, than abortion itself, is the absolute intellectual, moral and emotional disconnect that exists between personal actions and the real material outcomes of human lives. This society seems to think that it can undo everything that human individuals do with means up to and including murder. It's just mind blowing. How does our society do this? We have disguised so much of life in politically correct euphemisms that we seemingly are unable to tell the truth about anything. Abortion kills an unborn child. A few minutes of honest thought about what a pregnancy is and why women go to abortion facilities draws that conclusion from any reasonably intelligent mind. And yet, 3000 times a day on average, the gears of human discovery become completely unhinged. Look at the face below. Look at the face of Dr Cheryl Chastine. Is hers the face of evil? What does evil look like? It looks like anyone who does not hold themselves accountable for the discovery of truth in their own live's or in the world around them. Evil is not a human person. Evil is what human persons do. Evil is what happens when human persons who know the difference between good actions and evil actions do nothing to point out the difference to those who do not.


In all of Dr Cheryl Chastine's online professional medical credentials, nowhere does it say she either performs or supports the practice of abortion. I wonder why that is. 

Does she know the difference?      

About Dr Cheryl Chastine:

A little bit about me:

Dr. Chastine’s patient-centered, wellness-focused family medicine practice draws devoted patients from across Chicago and the western suburbs. She combines rigorous evidence-based medicine with a caring, listening approach that empowers her patients to act as partners in their own care. She prefers to use judgment, lifestyle changes and the body’s healing powers whenever possible over tests and medicines.

My Philosophy

The Paleo/primal lifestyle is powerful medicine that I use as first-line treatment for a variety of ailments, including diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, arthritis, depression, irritable bowel syndrome and GERD, among others. More than that, it’s simply the optimal way for humans to live. I work with my patients according to their degree of preparedness for the Paleo lifestyle, with the goal of achieving a state of optimal health and wellness.

Identity of New Wichita Abortionist, Cheryl Chastine, Uncovered

Life Site News has more about this story as well. 

Dr Cheryl Chastine

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Who is Barack Obama? This is the question that Dinesh D'Souza attempts to answer in the documentary 2016, Obama's America. What we learn is that Barack Obama is a different kind of politician. He is a different kind of American. He is not a liberal, a Democrat or a Marxist.  Barack Obama is an anti-colonialist. More than than this, Barack Obama is a man of dreams, and not his own. Barack Obama is a man fulfilling his identity through the dreams of his father, dreams, from his father Barack Obama Sr. Who is Barack Obama Sr? The father of our current president, Obama senior married Ann Dunham in February of 1961 who gave birth to the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama Jr. in August 1961. 

Obama Sr met Dunham in a Russian class and the two soon married. Obama Sr had not long previously left a prior wife and children in Kenya and it would not be Obama Sr's last such marriage and abandonment of wife and children. Obama Jr's mother would keep alive the legacy of her son's father and her own dream of atheist secular humanism and anti-Americanism through her son. For all intents and purposes, the father of the current president, was a myth and one of radicalism that would only come to fruition in the son of Obama Sr. It is a myth and a dream of a violent alcoholic who was also a radical anti-colonialist who was also an intellectual. If not for the son, Obama Sr's dream would have died in Kenya. 

This kind of radical anti-American anti-colonialism is not something that most Americans are familiar with. What President Barack Obama seeks is a diminished America, a small America without great influence. He seeks to create an America that deals with great enemies the same way it would common criminals. We see this in the recent killing of our American ambassador in Libya which the president is willing to dismiss as a minor failure and matter of internal investigation. Terrorism as such was virtually banned from the state department's official lexicon in the first days of the Obama administration. What 5 years ago would have been perceived as an act of war, was dismissed as a mere reaction to a YouTube video. 

From day 1 of the Obama administration this president has sought to diminish America and her role in the world, diminish its allies and slight them at every turn while downplaying threats and emboldening our enemies. The days of America's status as a shining city on the hill are moving quickly into history under this president's guidance. This was the dream of Obama's father and in some ways, the dream of Obama's mother. More importantly it remains the dream of Obama's numerous radical friends and personal influences. Most Americans do not want to accept this, as many do not even want to know this. To whatever extent America suffers under this bad economy, Obama simply sees this as America's comeuppance.

Barack Obama is not the president that people believed they voted for and many are suddenly realizing this as this election approaches. The president has virtually no answer for, or even apology for the litany of bad economic indicators that Governor Mitt Romney has confronted President Obama with. That includes the very European gasoline prices Americans now pay at the pump. Barack Obama Jr can no more run from his record than he can run from who he is. Never before after all has a president been under the tutorial guidance of a card carrying communist party member in his coming of age years. Obama's personal history, the current economic conditions as well as our standing with the world are now of extreme importance.  

Is this the president that America wants to entrust with 4 more years of economic and diplomatic power? Can America afford to slide further into decay and depression. Can we any longer afford to watch America grow weaker in the eyes of the world's up and coming tyrants? Can we afford to allow our economic power to atrophy into a diminished and feeble condition? Whoever Obama is, can he be trusted with the presidency? Can we afford to allow him to be the standard bearer of some alternate American dream that is foreign to us, to force violations of conscience upon every American of faith? To force Americans into systems of economic servitude to which they were neither invited to or requested to be a part of? 



There is something wrong with our world today and you probably already know what that is. Our culture in the United States and throughout the developed technological world even, has become not mildly pornographic, graphic and violent, but intensely and wantonly so. Society and culture have glorified and degraded the human body in all its forms and states beyond the brink of inconsequentiality. Our society has come to believe that the body is less even than property and is free to be shared with the world for every capricious whim and morbid and sexually self indulgent curiosity. There are now simply no limits left to be pushed. There is no shame, there is no regret and there is no guilt. Where do we start?

Think back to the summer of 1969 if you remember that far back. If not, recall what history remembers as Woodstock. Drugs, nudity, alcohol, music and what was erroneously called "love". Jimmy Page's orgasmic guitar and movies filmed at the home of Satanist Alistair Crowley, owned by Page, would follow. Not long after Ozzy Osbourne would be singing of Mr Crowley and his "Suicide Solution" and the internet and sexting hadn't even been invented yet. Fast forward to the most recent Super Bowl and Beyonce's deplorable use of Satanic hand gestures and demonic images which mesmerized millions minus this football fan. Why it was only one year ago that Madonna's halftime sidekick flipped off America.

Apart from the obvious lewdness of the songs and the images are the sexual gyrations, the perversity of advertising, the near pornographic magazine racks, the nude album covers that barely if judiciously cover unmentionable female parts. And then we come to the internet, namely Google. Through (read that Go ogle), every form of human degradation can be found with the aid I might add of its virtual henchman The safe search functions provide just that, the means to safely search for anything, and I mean anything. You might ask, who looks for the worst on the internet? Precisely the kinds of people society doesn't want looking for them. There is no show where there is no audience.

It's hard to imagine that YouTube bans certain abortion videos when channels regularly pop up that feature countless clips of cinematic violence and acted degradation of women, both of which of course are real degradation of women. (This rubbish isn't exactly uplifting the dignity of man either.) No, not every form of expression is art simply because someone says so, neither is it free speech. It's licentious, dangerous, ugly voyeurism and it is Satan's sandbox and playground. It's also destroying the very fabric of society and worse, our very souls. All of this, every bit of this I would add against the backdrop of a society in which atheist litigate to have nativity scenes removed and prayer banned in public.

Planned Parenthood meanwhile advertises sex to young people like breakfast cereal to grade school kids and abortion to young women like trips to health spas. The real drug that is destroying America is the voyeuristic fascination with the human body that explores every prurient curiosity that man's morally untrained mind can contrive and its powers of addiction and empirical and documented. It's sensory overload, overdose, recovery and rebound in seemingly never ending cycles. Nancy Reagan might have said "Just say NO". Michelle Obama is too busy peddling size discrimination against children to realize that young women are being slaughtered daily in virtual online entertainment environments. (War on women?)

The human body is a sacred temple of the Holy Spirit. That's religious talk for every human person is a unique and unrepeatable miracle in the history of man. To the degree that we do not recognize this I wonder that we do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit in the form of the one unforgivable sin. And are its purveyors aware that they are doing this? Beyond the scope of the horrors I have described, is the daily reality of men and women using one another for carnal gratification so far fetched? Worse our news headlines can easily reflect the destruction of female dignity and autonomy almost equally as common as woman are raped and murdered with frightening frequency. Do only grade school shootings shock us?

It almost seems frivolous now to bring up the concepts of modesty and chastity. Change begins with the human person however and one at a time. A general reevaluation of respect for the human body is long overdue. Such ideas are called repressive and out of step when viewed in light of the Catholic Church. So-called "liberal" Catholics who think the Church somehow needs to change are living in an alternate reality it seems where they can't see the slippery slopes for the great crevasse that threatens to envelope a once more civilized world, however imperfect its history of sins. The 1950s have been called puritanical but I would remind that it was giving inches on small points that brought us these many miles.

In a matter of mere days the Cardinals of the Catholic Church will elect a new Supreme Pontiff, a Pope, the successor of Saint Peter. I pray, that like our beloved Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the new Holy Father will not only of course be aware of these evils but have the strength and spiritual courage to combat the evils of our age through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray that he will carry the Truth of Christ and the Holy Spirit with him into these battles for the souls of men and win many victories protected by our Heavenly Father and the Blessed Holy Mother of our Lord, Mary. Do not think the hour is not near. The hour is always near. Our human senses should tell us to pray very hard.